What to do when you lose an animal friend.
I need you manatee… my kitty has to be put down in the morning and I’m crying my eyes out. :(
Oh Aaron, that is so awful. I am so sorry.

Grief is one of those really terrible things. I wish there was something I could say that would make this okay, but there isn’t. Losing a friend is horrible, and it never gets any easier.

I know it isn’t much, but it’s important to focus on the good things. You got to spend time with a wonderful animal that chose you as a friend and companion. They enriched your life, and you were their whole world. You got to have one of the purest loves of all, and that is special and important. It makes you both better, and it makes the world better too.

And the people we love, be they human or animal, they never leave us. Not really. Because we remember them, and we were changed by them. That kind of love creates ripples in the world.

The universe became a cat for a while, chose to love you and be with you, and is now going to be a part of something else for a while. Should you bury them, they will grow into trees and become a part of the air, and carry on to be in the heart of animals and the songs of birds. No one ever really leaves us. And who knows, one day they will be with you again, in some way or another. We are all connected.

But for now, while this little universe is here, love them and wish them well until they go. It’s not really saying goodbye. They will still be around. In your heart and in the air and in the universe. Things will be different, sure. But things will be okay. One day it will hurt less, and you can remember and love them without it hurting.

Go and spend time with them, Aaron. And take care of yourself.
xox Manatee
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    Having just lost my kitty last fall, this really helped me a lot.
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