On why posting has been so scarce, reposting, and if you could please do me a favour if you have time, I know you’re busy.

Hello, HT here.

So, I haven’t been posting much lately. A huge part of that has been that I am pretty upset about people reposting my images. This has been going on a while now, but I’ve been kind of tipped over the edge today.

I put a lot of work into this blog. Every single Manatee picture on this blog was made by me. I have whole notebooks just full of stuff I want to put on the blog, I spend hours at a time coming up with perfect phrasing and finding the perfect pictures, I devote entire days to answering people’s letters. Heck, I spend freaking ages learning how to make the blog more accessible to everyone. This is between doing multiple sports, working stupid hours and full-time study. So it really hurts when people take the pictures I made and repost them on their blogs without giving me any credit or even mentioning me at all.

I’ve tried to not be petty about this. On the one hand, I really love that Manatee is reaching more people, and more people are enjoying it. But when a post goes viral, even to the point where Wil-Freaking-Wheaton is reblogging it (an actor I really like and respect), I would like to get credit for my hard work, you know? I want to be able to say “Hey, Wil Wheaton, and all of these other equally awesome people, like my blog! How cool is that?!” Instead I say “Hey, all of these awesome people like a thing I did, but they don’t know I did it because someone stole it from me!”

Any of you watching Degrassi Junior High? The eighties one? In the first episode, where Stephanie blows of Voula and Stephanie is all “Boys like that stuff [ meaning being thanked and appreciated]” and Voula is like “So do girls! So do best friends!” I feel like Voula right now except I look less cute in high necked blouses. 

To all of you who have sent me supportive, appreciative, and loving messages - you are basically the only reason I am not getting angry and ragequitting right now. Thank you for that.

I know most of you are totally awesome and lovely and appreciate the blog and I hate that I am letting you down because the actions of a few are getting to me. To you, I genuinely apologise.

And even though I have let you down, I am going to have the gall to ask you for a favour. I ask that if you see any Manatee picture you’ve seen here is on your dash, and the source isn’t “” or the blog isn’t mentioned at all, I ask that you do one or all of the following:

1) Reblog it, and add in the source.

2) Tell the person who reblogged it that the pictures were taken from here.

3) Message the person who posted it to say that they should be giving credit for the things they post.

Actually it would be pretty awesome if you did these things any time you see something that’s been reposted. But you’re under no obligation here! I still love you no matter what.

Just so we’re clear, I am not asking you to be mean to these people. Most of them are people with good intentions, who just didn’t think about the fact that I’m still a person who has feelings and wants to be appreciated for what I do.

Okay, I’ma go play some games and hug my cat. Take care of yourselves, and I love you lots. 

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    Whoa. Wil Wheaton is a pretty quality dude. In case you see this, man, I really appreciate it! Thanks!
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    Giving proper attribution to prior manatee pictures. Why do people take off the source like that?
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    Sorry, calmingmanatee, I too reblogged your images without thinking. I think your blog is awesome.
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